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By James C. Lewis, DMD
October 25, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Laser Dentistry  

How laser dentistry from New Port Richey can help you

Laser technology has revolutionized dentistry with an innovative, comfortable alternative. Laser dentistry is quiet, replacing the loud laser dentistrysound of a dental handpiece. New laser technology enables a nervous person to relax and enjoy the dental experience. Dr. James Lewis in New Port Richey, FL wants to share with you the many benefits and uses of laser dentistry.

Lasers are very effective in dental diagnostics because the laser light can help detect small crevices and pits which can be missed using just metal tools. Lasers are also of great benefit to screen for oral cancer, because lasers illuminate dark areas at the back of the mouth, throat and under the tongue.

When treating soft tissue, dental lasers are very effective in soft tissue recontouring and periodontal therapy. Laser treatment is also more conservative than traditional methods because less tissue is removed. In periodontal therapy, lasers can actually kill bacteria associated with deep periodontal pockets, creating a healthy oral environment.

Your dentist in New Port Richey also uses lasers for hard tissue procedures including removing decay and filling preparation. Lasers are conservative here too because less tooth structure is removed.

The benefits of laser dentistry are substantial, creating a more comfortable, relaxing, easy appointment than you ever thought possible. When compared to conventional dental drills, laser dentistry is:

  • More comfortable, because swelling, bleeding, healing time and trauma are all significantly reduced
  • Healthier, because lasers can kill harmful bacteria hiding deep in soft or hard tissues, creating a better long term result
  • More relaxing, because lasers are quiet, emitting very little sound when they are used
  • Conservative, because less tooth surface is removed, retaining more healthy, vital tooth structure

For more information on how dental laser technology works please visit the laser dentistry page at

Why settle for the noise and uneasiness of old school dental drills when you can go high-tech with laser technology? Don’t you deserve the best? Dental lasers have created a whole new world in dentistry, and it’s time for you to explore what dental lasers can do for you. Call Dr. Lewis in New Port Richey, FL today and find out the benefits of dental lasers!


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