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By Dr. James Lewis
December 18, 2014
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Patients often come to Dr. James Lewis asking about their options for New Port Richey clear braces. They want a way to straighten their teeth without having to wear unattractive metal braces. There are a few different treatments available that help minimize the appearance of braces during an orthodontic treatment.
Ceramic “Clear” Braces
Though they aren’t 100% clear, ceramic braces significantly lessen the appearance of braces when you’re going through an orthodontic treatment. Ceramic material is similar to plastic and looks clear, sort of like little bits of a plastic tumbler glass. Although the wire tighteners may be designed with metal colors, the brackets are relatively clear compared to traditional braces.
Lingual Braces
Another way to fix the teeth with “clear” braces is to ask New Port Richey clear braces Dr. Lewis about lingual braces. With linguals, the brackets are placed on the back of the teeth so that they aren’t visible to the rest of the world. They work the same as traditional braces -- they have to be tightened at each appointment until the desired position is achieved. This type of treatment is usually only recommended for patients with very minor orthodontic issues.
The most modern and popular way to straighten the teeth with clear braces is Invisalign. Invisalign uses clear plastic trays to adjust the positioning of your teeth -- each month or so you have to switch to a new tray. The process of repositioning the teeth using these invisible braces is usually shorter than the time required for metal or ceramic braces. 
Which Clear Braces Option Is Best for You?
If you need orthodontic adjustments but you’re concerned about the way your teeth will look during the treatment, contact New Port Richey clear braces Dr. Lewis to ask about the various options for clear braces. Appointments can be scheduled online at or by calling the office directly at (727) 372-7887.


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