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By James C. Lewis, DMD
November 07, 2013
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: New Port Richey   Veneers  
New Port Richey FL VeneersMost people feel nervous about going to the dentist for a routine checkup, so having a cosmetic procedure seems like an impossible feat. That said, getting the smile you have always wanted isn’t as difficult as you may believe. Our office is equipped to help Floridians get a perfect set of pearly whites with ease. For some, dental veneers may achieve this. And New Port Richey, veneers are nothing to be nervous about.
Veneers are one of the most popular dental enhancements among celebrities. You can see these cosmetic wonders just about everywhere, from Celine Dion to Tom Cruise. Dental veneers are thin sheets of porcelain or plastic that is fused to your teeth to enhance their color and shape. Veneers are a more permanent solution to discoloration and can be an efficient alternative to dental implants or braces. Unlike implants, veneers are attached to your existing teeth. In most cases, only a small bit of enamel is shaved off to allow room for the veneers. For some patients, no prep may be required. Of course, the extent of your initial preparation depends on the issues you wish to treat.
Veneers can be used to treat gaps and crooked teeth as well. Braces treat gaps and crooked teeth structurally. They are the premier option for creating a straight smile without altering the makeup of your teeth. However, sometimes a person has relatively straight teeth with a couple exceptions or their teeth are discolored or they simply do not want to commit to orthodontics. We understand that every smile is different, so every treatment plan should be different too. Dental veneers usually take three sessions to complete that includes initial examination and preparation. That means you are potentially three visits away from your dream smile.
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