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Posts for: November, 2014

By James C. Lewis, DMD
November 24, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Dental Implants  

If you have not heard of a dental implant, you might like to if you have a missing tooth or even multiple missing teeth and the idea of wearing dentures or a dental bridge does not appeal to you. At our New Port Richey office, our dental implant dentists specialize in creating the crown portion of the dental implant.

Dental implants are actually pretty smart creations that have evolved over the past 50 years or so. Essentially, they re-create the structures you had before you lost your tooth with artificial ones. Once completed, the dental implant consists of a titanium tooth root, an abutment or connector portion and a dental crown that attaches to the abutment. The result is a tooth that is sturdier than a denture and does not require making changes to the surrounding teeth like a bridge does.

While the cosmetic benefits of dental implants may sound enough for anyone to say "sign me up!" there are some additional and somewhat surprising reasons to consider a dental implant as a tooth replacement option.

1. Prevents Jawbone Loss

Did you know that your jawbone is a use-it-or-lose it bone? If you lose a tooth, the area of jawbone where the tooth once implanted may start to recede. This can have the unwanted consequence of causing the shape of your face to change and your surrounding teeth to start shifting. Because a dental implant is implanted into the jaw, the jawbone should not recede. This lets you maintain your facial shape and keeps your pearly whites aligned.

2. (Most) Dental Implants Last A Lifetime

In a world where nothing seems built to last, dental implants are an exception. While a dental bridge may last upwards of a decade, the dental implant itself is intended to last a lifetime once implanted. This is why dental implants can ultimately be a cost-effective choice and also why patient selection is so important. Dr. James Lewis must look at a patient's overall health and hygiene to ensure the implant will be a success.

3. Dental Implants Won't Decay

While you natural teeth are subject to damage and decay, dental implants do not experience the same ill effects. While you definitely must continue to care for your gums and surrounding healthy teeth, you do not have to worry about decay setting in for your prized dental implant.

For more information about dental implants at our New Port Richey dentist's office, please call (727) 372-7887.

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